EQAVET newsletter 13 - June 2016

The June 2016 edition of the EQAVET Newsletter is published in the context of the recently launched Commission Communication on the New Skills Agenda (NSA) which is the subject of an editorial by Detlef Eckert, Director of Skills in DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.
This issue also features:
  • Overview of EQAVET Annual Network Meeting 2016
  • Why networking matters? The views of EU VET Providers’ Associations in the context of QA
  • Establishing effective communication channels the communication strategy of ARQAVET – an article by Franz Gramlinger, ARQA-VET, Austria.
  • Spreading the EQAVET message to VET providers how the WALES NRP communicates with stakeholders – an article by Philip Witney, NRP, Wales.
  • Events
  • What’s new
The EQAVET Newsletter is available at the following link.
Published on: 16.02.2017