Second Peer Review development team meeting held in Croatia

Second development team meeting for Transnational Peer Review (TPR) was organized by Agency for VET and Adult Education in Dugopolje near Split, Croatia, on 23 and 24 September 2019. Thirteen people participated in the meeting, of whom eight representatives of NRP-s and five VET providers from Croatia, Estonia, Finland and Slovenia. Partners discussed the structure and content of new Quality Area drafts for TPR.

Partners agreed on which QA will be piloted in which country, as well on when the Peer Visits will be organized and which Peer Visits Transnational Peers will attend.

Croatia will test new Quality Areas in September 2020, with Transnational Peer from Estonia joining the national Peer Team. Our Transnational Peer will go to Estonia in May 2020. NRP representative from Finland will attend Peer Visit in Croatia, while Croatian NRP representative will attend piloting in Slovenia in October 2020.  

Next partners’ meeting and Peer Training will be organized in Finland in February.

The activity was organized with the support of the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, EQAVET NRP project. 

Published on: 01.10.2019