The Third National Conference on Quality Assurance in Vocational Education

Third National Conference on Quality Assurance in Vocational Education

We encourage you to attend this now-traditional sharing of knowledge, experiences, and ideas on quality assurance in vocational education.


The Conference offers:

Plenary lectures: Leading authorities on the subject of quality assurance, both domestically and internationally, will share their knowledge and opinions on the subject.

Practical Workshops: That are tailored to the needs, demands, and obstacles that vocational schools face today in terms of guaranteeing the caliber of instruction through the use of real-world examples and collaboration with professionals.

Networking: Exchange of ideas and experiences with colleagues on the practical application of various quality assurance tools and methods, establishing contacts with colleagues from other schools and finding new opportunities for cooperation.

Source of inspiration: To raise the caliber of work and the caliber of quality culture in your institution, find new methods and enhance internal quality assurance procedures.


Why take part?

Enhance quality assurance procedures: By becoming more knowledgeable about current developments in quality assurance and quality culture development, then putting that knowledge into practice.

Enhance your abilities: Become more adept at carrying out the self-evaluation process and applying the findings to future changes.

Meet new colleagues: Expand your professional network and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

Make a contribution to Croatia's advancement in vocational education: Your involvement contributes to the system's overall quality culture.


In what time and location?

Date: April 4, 2024, Thursday

Time: All-day occasion

Location: Hotel Dubrovnik in Zagreb


Published on: 22.02.2024