Transnational Peer Review in Medical School, Split, 15-17 February

Medical School in Split participated in the Erasmus+ project: EQAVET NRP HR as a host for the transnational peer review in Croatia.

Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education (AVETAE) is the National Reference Point for EQAVET in Croatia and together with NRP's from Estonia, Finland and Slovenia is implementing transnational peer reviews as a part of the joint project activity. Each of the member state declared one VET provider to be a host and one person from the VET provider had to participate as a transnational peer to another VET provider.

For all participants two training sessions were organised by the NRP's with the aim to prepare them for the peer review. Target groups included VET provider representatives, transnational peers and national peers. In the case of Medical School three national peers were present on the trainings.

With extensive preparation, done in support and guidance of AVETAE, the transnational peer review provided, both the school and the peers, with valuable feedback and experience. European peer reviews are done according to the European peer review manual, meaning that every VET provider chooses one Quality Area. School provided the peers with a Self-assessment report based on the chosen Quality Area and organised the attendance of various interviewees during the peer visit. From 15th to 17th February a peer team, consisting of one international peer from Finland and three national peers, interviewed different stakeholders. The whole process was observed by the representatives from AVETAE. To have a better context of the schools environment and to help peers in giving a quality feedback, school students presented their classrooms and educational programs.

First oral feedback was given to the School representatives and other stakeholders. The school was very pleased with how the peer review process was done and with the first feedback given. Peers continue with the work on the final peer review report which will be sent to the school at March.

Published on: 20.02.2023