Initial workshop for National Peer Reviews in VET schools

On Thursday 17th of February an initial workshop for the National Peer Review in VET schools was held in the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education (AVETAE) in Zagreb, Croatia, as a part of ERASMUS+ project: European Quality Assurance in Vocational Education and Training National Reference Points, EQAVET NRP HR. The workshop was organized by the Agency and the main aim of the workshop was to introduce the school principals and school peer review coordinators with the process of peer review visits. The attendees of the workshop, principals and coordinators, came from the schools that would undergo the peer review visit, namely: Industry and Craft school in Slatina, Medical school in Bjelovar and Vocational school Vinkovci. The main objective of the National Peer Review is to research the peer review activity as an instrument for supporting VET schools in self-evaluation process and how it provides schools with support in internal quality assurance development.

In the European Peer Review Manual for initial VET a peer review is described as following: “Peer Review is a form of external evaluation with the aim of supporting the reviewed educational institution in its quality assurance and quality development efforts.” Schools that undergo the peer review visit will get an insight from their peer colleagues into their strengths and weaknesses and recommendations for potential improvement. Mutual learning as well as establishing connections and cooperation with other VET providers is the core of every peer review visit.


Published on: 08.07.2022