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Osiguravanje kvalitete u strukovnom obrazovanju u hrvatskoj

QAVET.HR is the Croatian National Reference Point (NRP) for quality assurance (QA) in vocational education and training (VET) founded in 2014 within the Agency for VET and Adult Education.

NRPs for QA in VET are established in accordance with the Recommendation of the European Parliament and of the Council on the establishment of a European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for Vocational Education and Training (EQAVET).

NRPs connect all interested stakeholders on national and regional level to ensure the implementation of EQAVET network's relevant initiatives.

Main functions of NRPs for QA in VET are:

  • informing a wide array of stajeholders of EQAVET network activities
  • providing active support to the implementation of EQAVET network programmes
  • taking concrete steps towards promoting and continuously developing EQAVET within national context
  • supporting self-assurance as an efficient tool for QA which enables the measurement of success and identification of areas for improvements in relation with the EQAVET network work programme.
Published on: 23.06.2016